8:45am Conference Registration

9:30am – Making Culture Your Competitive Advantage – Damian Hughes

Professor Damian Hughes joins us to share the key principles that have helped FC Barcelona become one of the world’s most successful sporting icons and shows how the DNA of a winning culture can be successfully applied to any working environment with dramatic results.

10:15am – Culture change:  a movement not a mandate – Laura Overton

Culture is unique, far reaching and all embracing – and it feels like we trying to move a mountain when we want it to change. This Interactive session with delegates will explore the how we can leverage our unique personal influence. At the start of the day we will work together to define great culture, explore our challenges and leverage our startling points.

11:30am 2019 Charity Partner, Calums Cabin

11:45am – The Power of Being You – James Mitchell

The world we inhabit has stark and social media frenzied macro and micro-economic challenges, it is a world of the instantaneous expectation at an individualised level, it is full of uncertainty and yet, we are seen as at a functional level as part of the organisation that can cut through all of that and come up with the magic differentiator that will create the right experience for all, in an engaging way which will drive the achievement of strategic goals.

Whether you are leader by title or not there is an expectation that we can set the true north or at least guide others through it and galvanise and motivate others towards a brighter future irrespective of their level of personal gain.

Not too much of an ask.

12:30pm – Lunch & Networking

1:15pm – Why You Should, and How You Can, Build a Culture of Learning in Your Organisation – Nigel Paine

Why is it that some organisations manage to deliver outstanding performance while other don’t? Nigel will share with you his thoughts and views, as well as some of the evidence on why and how the best performing organisations are those that bring the outside, inside and turn from debate to action when it comes to developing a culture of organisational learning. In a deliberately thought-provoking session Nigel will share some tangible, actionable points that you can use to take your organisation forward on the journey, no matter the starting point.

2:00pm – Bridging the Skills Gap in an Hourglass Economy – Fiona Whittaker

Fiona Whittaker, Head of People and OD at North Lanarkshire Council will share and with us the significant challenge that has to be overcome in transforming North Lanarkshire’s Workforce, dealing with the dreaded “hourglass economy”, tackling “in work” poverty, while closing the widening skills gap. Before going on to discuss how HR and L&D can stretch their boundaries and leverage their combined strengths on behalf of our employers? Fiona will also examine what more we can do to contribute to the labour market in Scotland and the role that partnerships play.

3:15pm – Embracing Design Thinking within HR and L&D – Jessica Mullen

Design Thinking has come to the fore in recent years, championed by organisations such as Apple and Google. Jessica will introduce the five steps of design thinking, what they actually mean in practice and how they can help you innovate within your business, create colleague led solutions and transform your ways of thinking and working.

We’ll explore the steps to design thinking and how you can put it into practice within HR and Learning and Development without breaking the bank.

4:00pm – Panel Discussion

4:30pm – Drinks Reception